World Yo-Yo Championships 2004

Events at Lucky's Friday Aug. 6th


4 pm  AYYA World Record Attempts... Sponsored by the American Yo-Yo Assoc. and 2004 World Championships... Show us your skills, we will have an open stage from 4:00pm to 5:00 pm for your world record attempts.  For   AYYA World Record rules click here for current AYYA World Records click here.  Record breaker will be awarded their AYYA World Record certificates on the main stage on Sat. at the Rosen Center.  Congratulations to Dave Schulte, Jake Maloney, Joshua van Dalen, Hidemasa Semba, Andre Boulay and Matt Harlow all who broke AYYA world records at this event 2003.

5 pm Xtreme fifteen...The contest for the ultimate Yo-Yoing Hot Dog.  This is a unsanctioned event and the World Championships and the AYYA are looking the other way.  You get fifteen seconds on stage to impress some non yo-yo literate judges. You must be playing the yo-yo (skill is a plus)  but extreme presentation, bizarre behaviors and weird attires are a definite must.  Trophy will be awarded (plus a champions copy of "Lucky's Collectors Guide to 20th century yo-yos).  Please note...Use of full frontal nudity, human blood and anything remotely resembling weapons of mass destruction will be grounds for immediate increase in point score. Congratulations to Matt Harlow who won the Xtreme 15 trophy 2003.



5:45 pm Air Yo-Yo... Never caught air while yo-yoing...well now's your chance.  Jump off the starting block into the pool while yo-yoing.  Best air yo-yoing wins the prize... but remember to bring a towel and change of clothes. Congratulations to Tim Stimco who won the air yo-yo trophy 2003.



6:00 pm VIP Bar be que (Ticketed Event)...Not a yo-yo company president or a former World Champion, never fear you can still attend the best Yo-Yoing gustatory event in the world.  Just purchase your ticket with advance registration and join the rich and famous of the yo-yo world.

6:00 - 9:00pm Bring your swim suits and enjoy the pool.  Also tour Lucky's vast yo-yo collection and trade with other collectors.  The premier of the the 2003 World Yo-Yo Championship documentary will be shown during this time.